Mounted Signs

Some of our clients shared some pictures of our signs at their final destination. They look great!


Our Slimtek-S letters are perfect for projects that require a unique, classy, or distinguished look. 

UL Labels

Today let's talk about UL labels! All our signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations.


When faux is better than the real deal. Find out who wins the battle between glass neon and LED neon!


Looking for a sign that works both day and night? Our day/night vinyl or acrylic option is the way to go! 

White Temperatures

Warm white, cold white, or any white in between? We have them all!

Stainless Steel

Check out our Stainless Steel options! We have four different colors and two different finishes. 

A sign for all weathers

Our signs are designed to last. UL certified you can trust all our signs are 100% waterproof. Come and have a look to see just how much our signs can take.

Illuminate the little things

Did you know we can illuminate strokes as thin as 0.125". Yup, that's right! Do you want to know how we do it?! Find out here.

Desktop Signs

We have come up with a cute little new product that will elevate your office desk! Find out more about this sleek little object that'll steal the show.

Out of this world delivery

21 days from the quote to door. We'll make sure that you will never miss a grand opening again. Come and find out how we do it.

It's back and better than ever

Forget flickering lights, leaking tubes, and dim areas. Neon Effect takes all the awesome features of our Slimtek range and combines it with the romance of neon.