White Temperatures

You're hot then you're cold. We're yes, and not no. Any way you want it, that's the way we got it.

Kelvin is used to measure the color of light perceived by the human eye. At Kalisign, we have a wide Kelvin temperature range to choose from! Warm white, cold white, or any white in between.   

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Color is important from the start and for the long run, that's why we guarantee it will not fade as your sign ages. We control the temperature of our LEDs and our signs do not emit any heat - And so? That is the key to making them last longer and maintaining the same color as the years go by.

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Choose from 2700° K to 14000° LEDs to go with any of our letters. Let us know the most appropriate Kelvin temperature that best suits your project needs!

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Our standard Kelvin temperature is 6500° K - not too hot, not too cold! We use only CREE LED chips, known for their superior performance and low heat generation.

Have a project that requires white temperatures?

Send us the specifications and we'll send you a quote within 48 hours.