Control from your fingertips 

By adding the Sign Kontrol device to any of our signs, you can control its brightness, keep track of its running hours and increase the guarantee. 

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Sign-Kontrol ® Device

A little device for bigger power! Add this little black box to any of our signs and enhance your clients' experience. It  is a UL recognized component and  comes connected to the power supply for easy installation. 

Sign-Kontrol extends your sign's guarantee to 5 years or 10,000 hours of use.


Sign-Kontrol App

This app allows you to keep track of the running hours and adjust the brightness of the sign. Use it to set schedules for each day of the week and monitor hour by hour use.

The app can be found for free in the App Store and Google Play by searching "Sign Kontrol".

It is not mandatary to use the app with Sign-Kontrol to benefit from the 5-year guarantee. The device will count running hours even when the app hasn't been downloaded.

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Better Guarantee

Adding Sign-Kontrol to your Kalisign extends its guarantee to 5 years or 10,000 running hours

UL listed

Sign-Kontrol is
a recognized UL component

Easy Connect Device

Sign-Kontrol can easily connect to 
any smart device via Bluetooth

Adjustable Brightness

Dim the sign from your fingertips
to suit its environment

Scheduled Hours

Schedule on/off times and brightness levels for each day and time of the day 

Optimize Lifespan

 Increase the lifespan of your sign by scheduling the optimal operating hours

How does Sign-Kontrol work?

Install you Kali-Sign as usual

Sign-Kontrol will be delivered together with your sign and connected to the power supply so that installation is easy and quick. Just connect the + and - cables from the Sign-Kontrol to your sign using the easy connectors included. 

Immediately after the sign is turned on, Sign-Kontrol starts counting the running hours (even if you have not set up your sign via the Sign-Kontrol app). 


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Connect via Bluetooth

By downloading our Sign-Kontrol app you can simply connect your sign to any of your smart devices via Bluetooth. Make sure you are at a maximum distance of 50' from the sign.

Schedule On/Off times and brightness

Want to dim the light of your sign as the day goes by? Set the day of the week, the brightness and the time frame with three simple taps.

The shop is closed on Sundays? Select the opening times from Monday to Saturday, and your sign will be off that day!

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Check running hours

Sign-Kontrol allows you to easily view the number of hours your sign has been operating for. Keep track so that you can make the most of your extended warranty.

A simple tap sends your sign's operating report to any email address you choose. 

Any doubts or concerns about Sign Kontrol?

We get you! Please get in touch with us.