Real Neon vs Neon Effect

We want to say "Merci"! to Monsieur Georges Claude for inventing the first glass neon sign over a hundred years ago. For a century it was the coolest looking sign out there, and it adorned our cities nationwide. But we had a love-hate relationship with glass neon - looks so cool and vintage, but oh so fragile and high maintenance! We had to come up with a better option.  

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Tadaaaah...NEON EFFECT is in the market! Now, it is Neon Effect's time to shine!

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  Wait! What? Why? 

Let us show you!


Kalisign's Neon Effect

Glass Neon Effect

Ease to Install With rods and nuts, paper mounting template, and power supply all included with your Kali-sign, mounting is as easy as it can be. Not for everyone! These fragile tubes require special skills for mounting and can break easily.
Durability Made of a solid block of acrylic. Made of fragile, easy-to-break glass.
Affordability Requiring zero maintenance costs, these acrylic signs won't originate any additional fees after mounting. High upfront costs to repair and maintain.
Safety Running on very low voltage (12v), our signs emit no heat and cool to the touch. They are also UL-listed and suitable for indoors and outdoors. Do not touch! Yeap, they can get hot. And be careful with shattered glass whenever they break


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